Saturday, February 16, 2008

France and the Holocaust 
The well-meaning frogtards are all up in arms again, this time over a proposal to have every French child "adopt" a child victim of the Holocaust.

In a speech praising faith that also drew fire from secularists, Sarkozy told France's Jewish community on Wednesday that every 10-year-old schoolchild should be "entrusted with the memory of a French child victim of the Holocaust".

The proposal unleashed a storm of protest from teachers, psychologists and his political foes who said it would unfairly burden children with the guilt of previous generations and some could be traumatized by identifying with a Holocaust victim.

Pardon me for mentioning this, but the time for worrying about the national guilt over such matters would have been before the French collaborated with the Nazis, Marshall Petain signed a document declaring that Jews were "enemies of the state," and turned over more than 70,000 people to their fate in the Nazi death camps.

I would further suggest that now that a sizeable minority of French residents are even now rabidly and even murderously antisemitic, that a little bit of circumspection might be a good thing for the children of France.

They don't want to confront their guilt? All the more reason to rub their filthy gallic noses in it.

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I was probably about 10 when I visited Dachau. I dealt with the reality of the Holocaust just fine. French 10-year-olds aren't going to be scarred if they "adopt" a French child victim of Hilter's genocide...
that would be "Hitler's"...
You know, the Mormons got into hot water for "adopting" victims of the Holocaust via baptism of the dead. I don't see much daylight between that & this...
Mitch, take your sunglasses off. The "daylight" is that the Mormons were "converting", into the LDS, the Jewish victims after death, something that the Jewish folks still around weren't too happy about.

That's apples and chainsaws.
As goofy as it is, the Mormon baptism of the dead ceremony isn't post-facto conversion. I'd characterize it as a really invasive equivalent of having missionaries show up on your doorstep - in the hereafter!

Either way, it's still sockpuppetry with corpses in my book.
I don't agree with burdening children with "the sins of their fathers."

It's their parents (or grandparents) who should shoulder the consequences of their actions.

France should find a more constructive way of atoning for its sins rather than create animosity among their newest generation of citizens.

This sounds much like the push to pay "reparations" for slavery in the U.S. - a bad idea.

I don't think it's about "burdening children with 'the sins of their fathers.'" It's just about remembering what happened. I don't see it as being much different than Memorial Day/Remembrance Day observances. You are remembering and honoring those who have died...

Also, there's always that "those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat it". Educating students (and like I said - 10 is NOT too young to learn about the Holocaust - I learned about it around that age - and possibly younger) about this will make them more away so they don't let it happen again - anywhere in the world, and not just Jews.
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