Friday, January 11, 2008

Running the Numbers 
Megan McArdle"150,000 deaths is a number that should make any supporter of the war swallow hard."

I'm not convinced she's right. I'd rather we took responsibility for the people we kill (most of 'em needed killing), and let the terrorists take responsibility for the people they kill.

I'm also not convinced that Hussein and his two sons would not have killed far more, between them, eventually, than have died in this war.

Besides, to arrive at a net positive in terms of lives lost, all we have to do is beat a hurdle rate of 5,000 dead children per month.

So if you want to argue your policy in terms of overall net effects on the premature loss of human life, then be my guest.

Using four years of war in Iraq as a baseline, 5,000 deaths per month for 4 years comes out to 240,000.

So by libtard "tug-at-the-heartstrings" math, we actually saved 90,000 lives. Subtract, of course, the number of American lives lost. But add to it the number of lives Saddam's thugs would have taken violently had we not invaded.

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