Sunday, January 20, 2008

More leftard idiocy 
This time from Chris Bowers at Open Left:

Imagine if, the day after the 2000 election, the national media simply didn't care about what happened in Florida, and instead acted as though Al Gore had won the election because he won the popular vote. Imagine if all cries from the Bush campaign about something called "The Electoral College" fell on deaf ears, and everyone just acted like Gore won and the popular vote was the only thing that mattered. States? Who cares about the results of individual states? Only the popular vote matters, dummies!

While that would have been perfectly fine with me, since I think the Electoral College is an anti-democratic institution that favors the will of geographic areas over the will of American citizens, it isn't what happened.

Ok, leftard, deal with this:

Resolved: The United States Senate, and all state legislature senates, are anti-democratic institutions.

And because you're such a friend of democracy, it would be perfectly fine for the President to ignore the advice and consent of the Senate in nominating federal and Supreme Court judges and cabinet officials.


Splash, out



Maybe Chris missed the whole "Great Compromise" class in 8th-grade US History that said smaller states would get some props too. Why are the far lefties still upset about the 2000 election. It was horrible to hear them pitch a bitch then, and it's horrible now!
Upset about the 2000 election? Geez. What AREN'T they upset about? In this case, he's upset about the whole Constitution!
Calling him a dork was actually pretty kind of you.
Er... haven't state legislature senates already been banned as anti-democratic?
I know the California state senate got redefined as population-based many years ago, which somewhat loses the point of having a bicameral legislature.
My Google-Fu is weak this morning, so I'm not finding a reference to the reason for this, and I don't recall whether it was a state court or a federal one which decreed the change.
The best explanation I've found for the reapportionment of State Senates is here
What this libtard doesn't get is that a number of us conservative whackos would have considered this "act" of ignoring the Electoral College cause for rebellion. I doubt that this guy truly considered what the implications of that entail.
Pat, It wouldn't have to be "considered." And we wouldn't have to be the ones in rebellion.

Ignornig the Electoral College, in favor of the extra-Constitutional practice of the popular vote, clearly places them in rebellion.

The Constitution only says that Electors must be chosen in the manner prescribed by the state legislatures. Any state could decide tomorrow to make that a matter of appointment by the Governor, or the top wage earners, or the residents with the longest middle toe on their right foot. Might not make people happy, but it's perfectly legal.
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