Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Man, I miss Ana Marie Cox blogging at Wonkette 
Between all the references to anal sex, she was actually smart, entertaining and snarky all at the same time.

The new halfwit, though, is so pissed off at the Swift Boat Veterans for Troof that she manages to blame them for the Graeme Frost story.

That's right, she can't discern between the verb "Swift-boating" and the actual group itself.

She's just mad at the group for saying what they really thought about John Kerry.

I don't get it. Out of two million Viet Nam veterans, the leftards managed to nominate the ONE guy who actually alienated Viet Nam veterans.

And rather than accept responsibility, the leftards decide to attack Viet Nam Veterans. The LA Times Rosa Brooks even called Medal of Honor recipient Bud Day "an unprincipled, right wing extremist."

I haven't forgotten.

Splash, out



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