Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jay Rosen on the Warpath!!!! 
Here's Rosen:

And Jason: all you know is cuture war [sic]; I have never seen you engage in a discussion, period. You like to laugh at people and--in your mind--"demolish" them. If you can't demolish, you have nothing to say, so you pretend to demolish. You're not a warrior, but a troll enjoying what you call "target practice." You just love culture war and aggression for its own sake and the funny reactions you get. You remind me of the jocks I knew in high school laughing at struggling kids in gym class. It is a deeply ugly performance.

This is a continuation of this idea.

The thread, though, is more substantial than his ad hominem attack on me, and is his attempt to deny the existence of a significant liberal bias in the media.

My critique of Jay Rosen has always been his tendency to wax on for paragraph upon endless paragraph about some anecdote he read in a Thomas Ricks or Ron Suskind book, and draw unwarranted conclusion after conclusion from it, each paragraph becoming more unmoored than the last from any factual grounding whatsoever.

Some general in the Pentagon didn't get his way, or someone was abrupt with him in a staff meeting, and he cries to Ricks, and all of a sudden, Rosen sees a broad "retreat from empiricism."

An apple can fall from a tree, and Rosen will write 20 paragraphs on how the sky is falling. While ignoring the hundred other apples that are still on the tree.

But start pointing out the other apples that HAVEN'T fallen, and suggest to him that one apple does not a falling sky make, and boom! he's back in high school, getting bullied in the locker room.

It feels very Althousian of me to write this, but there it is. Make of it what y'all will.

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Why do I think Jay Rosen didn't do very well in gym class?

Just sayin'.
this again?

I smell chum in the water
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