Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hey, Paulbots! 
Kiss my ass!

To hell with the lot of you. At least those of you who are just people-hating, jew-baiting racist bigots. Others of you are economic morons. (You guys aren't bad. Just stupid.)

If you were a Paulite, and you just plain got had, please...write your story in the comments below.

Renounce Ron Paul and all his works. Repent. And find a conservative, not a bigot to support.

Splash, out



What in the heck are you spewing here? Find another conservative to support?

OK, so let's see:

Romney: total flipflopper
Huckabee: fairtax, 40% large govt, continued war, ruin science
Rudy: Freedom means govt control. No I didn't f*** up 911 radios. Fear terrorism, elect me
Thompson: Oh yeah right, the TV guy who fills Ron's seat at debates because Fox is scared of the truth.

Nope I think not. Since the buck stops at this smear campaign, I think Ron Paul is still a great man. Instead of focusing on old newsletter of questionable origin, focus on voting, and actual house stances and speeches.
Quoting the man's own newsletter is not smearing.

You're willing to overlook a lot of blatant racism and jew-hating.

Funny, that.

Go crawl back under your redneck rock, loser.
Why you gots to smear like that?

Now go apologize to the rednecks!
'cause I GOTS to, bro!
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