Monday, January 07, 2008

Deport a commie to Europe! 
But don't you dare question his patriotism!


Screw him. Let him pay his own way. My family did when we fled Hungary.

The most fundamental test of any regime is which way the border guards face. My grandmother was shot at crossing the wire from Hungary to Austria, and the guy who smuggled my father out was caught on his next trip and beaten to death. The leftist you linked to can drive to Canada and Mexico, or just get on a big iron bird. No one will try to stop him.
I agree with acad ronin.

Further, our leftist friend should, once he's found a country more to his liking, go to the nearest US embassay, surrender his US passport, and renounce his US citizenship.

Just another problem solved! Too bad none of the pussies who said they'd leave the USofA when GWB got (re)elected did.
And why not a screen capture? I hate the thought that I've given him a hit on his site...
He's a commie. He fully intends to steal the money, and he's well aware there's enough fools in the world to make him rich doing it.
Heh. The proper response to this reminds me of the classic joke:

What's the difference between a sadist and a masochist?

A masochist says, "Hurt me."

A sadist says, "No."

I feel a bit like the Marquis today. No soup for you, Commie!
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