Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crappy all around 
That's my assessment of this ABC News story, which blares the headline:
Gen. Tommy Franks Paid $100,000 To Endorse 'F' Veterans Charity
Congressional Investigators Say Only 25 Percent of Charity's Raised Funds Went to Vets

First of all, the headline is misleading. You have to read to the second to last paragraph to find out that Franks already withdrew his support when he found out that the charity was only sending 25 cents on the dollar to soldiers and their families.

So that's just a crap headline.

Second, I'm disappointed that Franks, or any other senior officer, would lend his name and prestige to any cause without doing some due diligence first.

Third, it seems improper for a retired general officer to take money to endorse a soldier's charity. Particularly when some of those wounded were wounded under his command. That said, I don't know what he may have done with those proceeds. (Actually, it would make a ton of sense to me to take my entire fee from a 25% efficient charity and donate it to a 90% efficient charity - then go back and ask for a raise!

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I heard about this on the radio this morning, the bit about the charity, not about Tommy Franks. Kinda surprised me - I'd heard about the Military Order of the Purple Heart before: my mom works for a day spa/small business owned and run by a husband & wife. The husband is a Vietnam Vet and was awarded a Purple Heart for his service there in the Marines. He is a member of the order...
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