Friday, December 28, 2007

Top 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians 
...According to Judicial Watch.

1. Hilary Clinton
2. John Conyers
3. Larry Craig
4. Diane Feinstein
5. Rudy Giuliani
6. Mike Huckabee
7. I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby*
8. Barack Obama
9. Nancy Pelosi
10.Harry Reid

Click on the link for a 1 paragraph background on each.

Six Democratic members of congress. Of the people on this list, only one of them, Larry Craig, is a Republican member of Congress. They had to pack it with Libby. (I'm surprised Stevens from Alaska didn't make the list, instead of Libby. But maybe that just needs more time to shake out. Ditto with Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana. I mean, getting caught with 90k in cash in your freezer's pretty bold. And it's a more obvious case of outright corruption than Libby's.

But of the six Democratic congress members on the list, two of them happen to be the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

I guess that's the way to move up in the Democratic party.

* I don't think he's a politician, but ok.

Splash, out



Considering that they are avowed conservatives, it's amazing so many Republicans are so corrupt they had to be included to maintain credibility.

Or am I being snide, implying they wanted to hide Republican corruption and were 'forced' to include it? Maybe. They're suing for access to the minutes of Cheney's Energy Task Force and the logs of Abramoff's visits to the White House.
This is a stupid list. It contains a suspiciously high number of presidential candidates and leaves out a number of manifestly corrupt politicians like Stevens and Murtha - that smells of headline chasing of a strictly bipartisan nature.

I don´t understand what their definition of corruption is. Shouldn´t there be an element of personal gain and selling of favors?

It is ridiculous that Rudy Giuliani is on that list, now that the "sex in the city" thing has turned out to be bogus. And Kerik - well, first of all Giuliani is not Kerik. That is called guilt by association. Second, he is no mere crony. For all his personal corruption Kerik seemed by all accounts highly efficient at his job. Giuliani made a mistake in promoting him, sure, but that is not what we call corruption.
This list is ridiculous. Libby isn't even a politician! He's a high-powered lawyer who gave up a lucrative practice to devote some time to public service (or political work if you like). Obama isn't squeaky clean, but he's far from being a major corruptionist. Jefferson is of course up there. Others who should be listed: Rep. Jack Murtha, Rep. Alan Mollohan, Illinois Gov. Ron Blagojevich, Sen. Ted Stevens...

But JW has never been about reality. Klayman is a headline huckster playing for donations, so he lists Big Names.
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