Saturday, December 22, 2007

So my father's running for Congress! 
Running as a Democrat, 49th District of California.

Here's his Web site!

No, we don't agree on a whole lot on the platform. But what we do agree on is far more important that what we don't. We are both very passionate about public service and public life, we believe in integrity and we are both, to our bones, lovers of freedom and supporters of the Constitution of the United States.

And no, he's not a typical Democratic surrender monkey in Iraq. He wants to see that mission succeed, but successfully transferred over to the Iraqis.

He also wants to win in California, though. (It's tough to root for success in the land of moonbattery.)

Plus, trust me. He's alright for a squid.

Splash, out


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Well I guess we cant blame it on your dad, he's obviously sane. The gene must come from someone else.
"My parents left Cuba"

Who would have guessed, we're almost cousins.
We Cubans are fucking everywhere. I'll add you to my list of Cubans on the net.
Well, not really. Check the name. Hamilton. "Hamilton!"

I'm Scottish and French on that side of the family, but the Hamilton's have been in the U.S. since, well, Alexander, who is a direct descendant, according to my father and grandmother, though I haven't confirmed that by looking at a family history. (We won't mention Mr. Burr.)

My mother's maiden name is Kathleen Mary Egan. Tiochfaidh Ar La!!!!!
Damn shame the word "win" or "victory" wasn't in there.

Damn shame.
Drop him a line and let him know!!!
Well for Cubans the name is pretty much irrelevant, so that would not be a clue. I hail from French ancestors too, and have a very European name, yet still Cuban.
That's a good idea. I will; thanks.
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