Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leave it to the New York Times 
...To come up with the gay angle on the Iraq war.

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Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Not at all. It's actually a terrific, well-written and well-reported story!

I guess the gay/les angle is what it takes to get Times reporters motivated enough to actually do their jobs.

God knows they can't be bothered to cover MoH and Distinguished Service Cross and Navy Cross recipients.
Just a feeble attempt at a little NY / Jerry Seinfeld humor.

As Captain Aubrey said to Dr. Maturin (referring to sodomy) , "It's not exactly in my line, Stephen, but I do hate to see a man hanged for it."

It could almost be a news ticker item, too: "INSURGENCY DRAGS INTO FIFTH YEAR; THE POOR, WOMEN, GAYS MOST AFFECTED"

Also (and I should have said this months/weeks ago), I'm really glad you're blogging again.
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