Monday, December 17, 2007

Hottest Pop Music Star Ever. 
Don't worry about other people's taste. This is about you.

Who's the hottest pop music star ever?

You have 30 seconds to comment.


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Les Paul. The man without whom, etc.
Define hot. Musical legacy? Beatles. Physical hotness? Gotta say J-Lo. Irritating as hell, but as long as she was gagged, I'd hit it.
As much as I hate to admit it, I'd say Madonna way back in the 80's (definitely not now, eeek!).
Define hot? That would be your personal hot. What does "hot" mean to YOU?
Nominees are: Frank...Elvis...J,P,G&Ringo?

The envelope please...."riiiip"

Frank Sinatra!! For fan intensity and devotion, chops, longevity, and coooool.
All around hotness? Christina Aguilara when she was doing all that return to 40s swing stuff last year. And because there's that attempt to touch another style, it's deeper and cooler than just sounding like everyone else.

Just in terms of music, I think MIA is so hot. It's all about sex. And socialism, and bringing down the west. So, yeah, all things told, not good. But she's talented and hot.

Fidding hot? Well, I just heard a co-worker refer to Sara Watkins as "the fat girl on the fiddle", and by Christina standards, sure. But I've never seen a concert shot or video where I didn't think she was beautiful. Less so Alison Krauss. She's talented to be sure, but over the last decade, she's struck me as cold. It works for her, though.

Natalie MacMaster? She's all around fiddlin' hot.
Peggy Lee, Cher, Bernadette Peters, Lorina McKennit & Kate Bush all rev up my heat. But then so do a lot of the classical cross-overs Like Vanessa Mae.
Well, FIDDLE-hot is a whole different category!

I'd have to go with Kathleen Keane, Lara St. John, and a young bluegrasser named Erica Brown.
VanS...it's Shakira. I say again. Shakira. And in case I wasn't clear, "Shakira".
Too much monkey business, guys.

It's Chuck Berry.
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