Friday, December 28, 2007

For All You Guitar Players 
Here's how to think beyond I-IV-V when playing those Irish tunes.

Here's the excellent guitarist John Doyle, from Asheville, NC (well, Dublin, Ireland originally) I'm not sure who the concertina player is. It's not John Williams. Noel Hill? Anyone?

The tuning Doyle uses is standard with a 'dropped' low D. So it's DADGBE

The first tune is a three-part reel called "The Cup of Tea." The first part is in Em and the next two parts are in D. That throws a lot of backers who aren't familiar with the tune.

I particularly like the diatonic walk down at the end of the Cup of Tea, transitioning into the second.

The second tune, a common session tune called the Congress Reel, Doyle goes outside the tonal center a little too far for my taste. But since this an instructional video I suppose he was just illustrating a concept.


My library has his instructional tape. I haven't made it through, as I don't have many (any) celtic players to jam with, but he's good. Made me reconsider chord forms, he has.
Doyle's playing in my town tomorrow, and I have tickets!
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