Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To anyone who ever accused me of setting up a straw man 
I give you this, from what I understand to be a North Carolina resident.

Small note to all US Citizens: Please don’t act as if the soldiers were oppressed in this picture. No, they came into Baghdad as oppressors - raping women and little girls, beating up boys, killing women and children, torturing innocent Iraqi citizens (i.e., Abu Ghraib etc.), insulting Iraqi citizens (even children), supporting the oppressive Shi’a Government, and so on. You’ll never find that the Mujaahideen do such evil acts because unlike your religion, we actually believe in ours.

But don't you dare question his patriotism!

(Warning: Graphic photos. Not kid-safe.

No. Really. I mean it.)

Dr. Shackleford has more, though I think the commenters should at-ease with the death threats. Not that I'd have the slightest hesitation of offing this little two-bit moojie propaganda warrior myself, you understand. I just think that slaughtering him like the swine he is would be, in the broader sense, counterproductive.

Then there's the whole first amendment thing, which I think applies here (but does not apply in Phelps' case.)

Splash, out


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Damn old pictures. Seem to have been taken by a Soldier, so probably a mooj.
Yeah, I noticed the tricolor DCUs.

I was looking at this entry that you made and interestingly, the account has been deleted.
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