Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Obama Tape 
An analysis from a very sharp longtime correspondent of mine, a LTC now serving in Iraq:

I don't know how this is being breathlessly covered by our MSM, but what
they ought to be saying is that this is an indicator that AQ leadership
is shattered. This is UBL trying to salvage what amounts to a failed
strategy by going 'over the heads' of the AQ in Iraq leadership to
appeal directly to the troops, telling them their leaders have failed.
He's even appealing to the 'extremists on the other side of the aisle' -
the Shia thugs of JAM & BADR to stop the in-fighting to unite against
us. He's asking a very family/tribal oriented people to reject family,
tribe, and country to unite with him instead: the AQ leader appealed to
his followers to be loyal to the "Islamic nation," not to individual
leaders, groups, tribes, or countries. It's an uphill battle on a slope
where he's got downhill momentum.

Here's a passage from an analysis of the tape: Many articles on Monday
noted bin Laden's frequent use of the word "mistake," when he said,
"Everybody can make a mistake, but the best of them are those who admit
their mistakes. Mistakes have been made during holy wars but mujahedeen
have to correct their mistakes." For crying out loud, if Donald
Rumsfeld had said something like this our press and congress would have
lept on the opportunity to cry for his head because he'd have been
admitting failure. The difference is that in this case Bin Laden really
is (Rummy would never admit to failure and it's a good thing because we
haven't failed and are moving toward success every day). Are our media
treating this tape like they would Rummy or are they treating this like
some grand expression of UBL's leadership?

Nobody in the MSM wants to believe us when we say it, but now we've even
got UBL tacitly admitting that the AQI strategy of blowing up
infrastructure and killing women and children was a disaster. We would
never have achieved the successes with reconciliation that we have with
the Sunni (and now some Shia) had it not been for AQI committing
atrocities that are deemed pathological even in this part of the world
where individual human life & freedoms have lower priority than in our

In the tape UBL is calling for unity between Sunni & Shia to attack us.
He's calling for the Arabic Muslims of Iraq to come together to bring
even more war to this country that is finally seeing a modicum of peace
after nearly 5 years of war. WE are calling on ALL Iraqis to come
together to build the peace and prosperity that has begun to emerge.
Which message do you think the Iraqis will heed as they grow weary of
extremists destroying their communities and murdering their families?
I'm pretty sure our message is beginning to resonate much more than

Splash, out


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You mean Osama, not Obama, yes?
Oops!!! Yes! Osama.

That was not deliberate.

I should have said "Hussein."
Don't feel bad. Teddy Kennedy can't tell the difference, either... ;-)
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