Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Imagine something that's f*cked up. 
No, I mean reaaally f*cked up.

Now imagine something more f*cked up than that.

If Satan exists, this is how he works.

Splash, out


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This is exactly how he works, by using not only weaknesses, but strengths as well. There's nothing stronger than a teenager's desire to fit in. The worst part was the other kids piling on with the insults. Typical, yet horrible.

Rousseau was an idiot. Children are distillations of our virtues and vices.
Well, yes. Actually, a Christian theorist would argue that we are imbued with a sin nature from conception. We aren't 'blank tablets,' and kids are not born angelic, but primal and selfish creatures of instinct and the flesh.

Rousseau, IMO, was guilty of seeing things as he wished them to be, not as they were.

I dunno. I'm gonna curl up with a copy of Lord of the Flies and think about it.
The worst thing was not the kids piling on - kids can be very cruel, and the early teen years can be the worst of that. The worst thing is that a supposed "adult" instigated all of this. And the nerve of them to show up at the funeral? There is a special place in Hell for people like that... I hope the family can take some sort of civil action, even though it was determined no actual criminal act was committed.
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