Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOK!!!!!

No, I'm not laughing at Randi. I still hope she's ok and makes a quick recovery. My mom fell for no apparent reason on a Walmart sidewalk a few months ago and broke her hip. I don't wish that on ANYONE.

Instead, I'm laughing at Miss "Woman's Intuition" and everyone else who blamed the "attack" on right wing operatives trying to silence Rhodes "by any means neccessary." No evidence required. No facts need apply.


Now, I wonder what all those creeps who made callous jokes about Bush hurting himself choking on a pretzel would say if I DID make light of Randi's injuries?

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My mom fell for no apparent reason

I hate it when that happens. I was about to go up some stairs when my knee locked and refused to work properly, which caused me to fall up the stairs. I really hate falling up stairs.

Fortunately, I usually trip and fall because of dumb shit like not picking my feet up high enough.

on a Walmart sidewalk

Oh, well, that's different. That's the evil from Walmart causing that. She should sue the bastards!
It's quite likely that first her hip broke, then she fell. If the docs put in a pin to re-attach the head to the femur, or redid the whole joint with artificial head and socket, that's a pretty good indication.

Happened to my dad; I've seen it several other times.
Hmmm. Possible. And the situation is compounded by osteo-somethingorother.

We're looking at some legal remedies - not so much for a priori negligence as much as the knucklehead employees taking it among themselves to pick her up and move her, using cushions from lawn furniture - possibly aggravating the injury.
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