Friday, October 12, 2007

The headline reads: 9 Children Killed in U.S. Raid in Iraq 
You have to read the story to get to the bit about 19 Al Qaeda terrorist fucks getting the greasing they so richly deserve in the same operation.

In fact, unless you read the story, you wouldn't realize that there were actually two attacks: The first attack caught Al Qaeda in isolation and killed four. About 14-16 more fled the attack and sought to take shelter among women and children.

It was then that they were killed by the followup strike.

The blood of these women and children is on the terrorists hands. Not on ours.

Splash, out


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It wouldn't surprise me if the women and children were the terrorists' own wives and get. Thar Thar region has long been a relative safe haven for the bastards. The chicken shits probably ran home after they lost the first skirmish to hide behind their womens' veils and didn't expect they'd be followed and attacked.

The story about what happened in Khalis is BS, too. Innocent villagers don't "barrage" clearly identifiable coalition forces.

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