Monday, October 01, 2007

Harry Reid, on Senate floor, calls Rush "unpatriotic" 
I now declare open season on using the same term to describe unpatriotic liberals.

Paint them with it. Brand them with it. It's time to carve the scarlet letter "U" on "Unpatriotic" Reid's head. On Unpatriotic Kerry. On Unpatriotic Boxer, Unpatriotic Murtha, and Unpatriotic Durbin.

I felt restrained until now. "Don't question their patriotism" my ass.

Unless some grownups on the Democrat side publicly excoriate Reid, then let the battle be joined on which side of the aisle is more respectful and supportive of our military. Let the battle be joined.

I guarantee you that Unpatriotic Reid won't like the results.

Splash, out



No matter what anyone thinks of Rush, if they had truly listened to his show over the years they would know of his unequivocal support for the men and women who serve and have served in our military. He absolutely takes issue with specific points and certain political figures with whom he disagrees, whether they've served in the military or not, but he does not and has not denigrated actual service. The "phony" comment was pertaining to people who claimed to have served in a manner in which they did not.

Failure to keep a thing like this in its proper perspective is why the comment thread on Army of Dude sounds like spoiled brats saying "No you didn't!" "Yes I did!" back and forth.
As I posted on tmpelectioncentral.com's comment thread: Take Limbaugh and Harry Reid to any U.S. Military installation in the world, and see who gets a friendlier reception from the troops. Rush wins hands down. They know he was talking about people who have made claims about things they have never done, and that his support for the military over the years has been solid.
Had a half-day sub this morning - when I was finished, I got lunch and drove home. While in the car, I was listening to Rush. He played Reid's comments from yesterday. Rush asked if that then made it okay to call Reid a "phony patriot", since Reid has time and again denigrated the troops...
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