Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uh oh....A brother milblogger's been had. 
Army of Duped.

Too bad, 'cause I like the guy and he's usually got a terrific blog.

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In a way this is so sad and the comment section is worse. People can have opinions but not their own facts. I don�t pass on anything unless I verify it in some manner to be assured it is not a misquote, a lie or a lie by omission; even if the info is from someone I usually agree with just about all the time. My friends send me stories and even if it is about someone is detest, I will check it out and I sometime have to right back and point out the errors. I will not knowingly pass on garbage about anyone/anything, period. Damn, this makes me so mad that so many of our countrymen and women on the Left and Right, but the Left in particular, continue to blindly accept/believe anything/anyone that attacks someone or an institution.
I apologize for the grammatical errors. It is not a good idea to write, even with spell check, when one is angry from reading such a post and comment section.
Dude, I'm pretty bewildered by what it seems like reasonable people have said about this thing. Have you read the transcript that Rush himself provided? Or listened to the original broadcast and not his two-day-later explanation on what he really said? It's so obvious that it's painful. His defense was that he was talking about that one asshole who claimed to be a Ranger, that he was the 'phony' soldier, not anyone else. But plurality is a killer. Listen closely to the caller who claims to be a Republican and against the war, and he chides him hard, calling him a liar(!). Then the next guy said the media doesn't talk to "real" soldiers who, if they're real, support the war. He is stating pretty matter-of-factly that if you don't support the war then you don't support the mission and hence, you're not a soldier at heart. Rush can backpedal all he wants, but he agreed with the sentiment of the caller. And it's getting a little silly that people think I'm on anti-Rush crusade on the behalf of the boogeymen liberal media, but the truth is, I don't care what he said the day before, and I don't care what he has to say tomorrow. I'll continue to not pay attention to him until he says something stupid again. To say I was duped by anyone is pretty ignorant. Whatever your bias is (to the war, Rush, etc), you'll hear what you hear and take it into different contexts. I happen to hear it like I said I did, and that goes for a lot of people I know who had no knowledge of the controversy (I played back the audio from the first caller to the 'phony soldiers' discussion, it's all very up front). It's unsettling that this is turning into a partisan debate. How can you contest what someone said? Liberals want an easy target to bitch about, conservatives want to parade him as a martyr. Both sides are full of douchebags. I'm just simply who he was talking about.

No, Alex. You're not.
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