Friday, September 28, 2007

Phony Soldiers 
So Rush Limbaugh's in trouble for using the term "phony soldiers" on his radio show, in a dialogue with a caller.

Here's the source material.

I read the transcript. And I also heard the exchange, via a radio replay today.

Rush was right. The Media Matters take is simply dishonest. There's no other way to put it.

It was clear to me that neither the caller nor Rush were referring to real soldiers who have come out against the war, but to fakes who have come "out of the blue," in the caller's words. Fakes who were either never in Iraq or Afghanistan in the first place, or who were in Iraq but whose stories are demonstrated to have been false.

There is controversy over Rush's use of the plural "soldiers." The idiot wing of the Democratic party - which is pretty much all of them, these days, argues that Rush could not have been referring to Jesse MacBeth, the most recent and outrageous example of a phony soldier now sentenced to jail time for falsifying VA benefit claims, because he used the plural term.

But for those of us who have been having fun at these scumbag's expense for a while, it was easy to recognize who Rush was talking about. And MacBeth was not the only one, by a long shot.

It was clear to me that Rush wasn't referring just to MacBeth, but also to Micah Wright, who also traded on a phony status as a Ranger Battalion veteran in creating anti-war propaganda (which, amusingly, backfired on the weasel on Michele Catalano's wonderful blog, in a hilarious faux micah remix photoshop contest, which, alas, has been taken offline.

There are also people who are real veterans, but whose stories have been demonstrated to be phony, such as Scott Thomas Beauchamp and -- remember this guy? James Massey.

Then there are the phony British soldiers depicted in the Daily Mirror hoax, for which the editor was sacked.

I had no problem grasping whom Limbaugh and the caller were referring to, because the left has an embarrassing habit of embracing these cretins, feteing them, and awarding them cushy book deals in the process of soiling themselves.

I also have no problem grasping the intellectual dishonesty of Media Matters for America. Greg Brock was a scumbag when he was a conservative, and he's a scumbag now.

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This has been going on for a long time. The exact same thing happened during and after Vietnam -- phony "Vietnam Vets" got lots of media attention.

there was also the NYT Magazine story with the woman that "believed she had been to Iraq" but hadn't.
Thanks, Maggie!

I just now read something that reminded me of her and linked to my own post on her - Amorita Randall. A harmless and pathetic character, in my view - of a totally different vein than the more toxic Jesse MacBeth and Jimmey Vassey.

At least Micah Wright was fun and creative!
yeah, she's a bit different from the others. Still, any tool that's handy, they'll use.
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