Sunday, September 23, 2007

"People who think like you do get soldiers killed" 
Purple Avenger, over at Ace's, lets me have it with both barrels, in the comments section.

I was kind of proud of the "long shot" pun at the end. Get it? Snipers? Long shot? HAR!!!

A couple of points I'd like to bring out:

1.) It may not have been necessary to kill this insect to take him off the battlefield. He was already called out and was in the process of being questioned by police when he was shot.

2.) We don't know what the rules of engagement were. (The specifics would be, properly, classified, and if I knew what they were, I wouldn't discuss them here.)

3.) We don't know what the orders were.

4.) It's not a team of lawyers bringing the charge - it's a commander. Longtime readers will be aware that I have long been vigilant, rhetorically, about protecting the authority and freedom of action of commanders at every level.

5.) Longtime readers are also aware that I have been rhetorically vigilant about enforcing the law of land warfare among our ranks. In fact, my oath requires me to do so.

I'm not saying this three star isn't wrong. He may well be. I'm just not willing to jump to a conclusion of bad faith on anyone's part at this point. I'd rather ascertain the facts in a courtroom than the comments section at Ace of Spades.


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Jason I must say that I am perplexed by this story. I would say that I do not as yet have enough information with witch to make a choice as to who is right or wrong..

Today I found this story, and was wondering if it might be related in any way to the issues posted here.

Military is ‘baiting’ insurgents in Iraq
Keep on keeping on. You key in on things that others often miss.

Thank-you for your service.
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