Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Counter-IED War 
The Washington Post looks at efforts to neutralize IEDs.

Really, when it comes to anything having to do with SIGINT and Electronic warfare, the less that's said, the more's the better.

It's not the public's business what we might be jamming or not jamming. But check out the whole article, because there's more to it than that, and it's definitely worth a read. (Unfortunately, it might be worth the read if you're a moojie, too).

My take on counterIED war: If you have to jam, you're already too late.

The best counter IED technique isn't jamming signals; it's the cordon-and-search raid on good intelligence.

The second best is a skilled sniper with a well-adjusted scope.

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I figure if we can make jammers we should be able to make 'inverse-jammers'. Instead of blocking or delaying a triggering signal, send out signals intended to prematurely trigger devices. Since we might be, I shall say no more.
Amazingly they have still not tried the obvious solution.

Forget Jamming, get a transmitter, mount it to the front of the truck and hit send/repeat.

My universal remote is fully capable of finding the TV, it could just as easily find the IED.
Obviously, because your prematurely fired IED will wreak havoc on the theoretically-innocent traffic in front of your convoy. Unless you can figure out a way to police a permanent buffer in front of convoys the length of your triggering radius, you're going to produce a truly horrifying civilian body count, moreso insomuch as random cars or delivery vans aren't hardened or armored like a humvee or MRAP.
How about fling drones early in the morning before traffic to clear the roads, or over the city to find the factories, or maybe catch them in transportation. I find it hard to believe that the only thing holding them back are body counts...at this stage in the war
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