Monday, August 20, 2007

Writing for Pajamas Media, Richard Miniter's reporting corroborates my own speculation: That Beauchamp may be a sociopath.

The Monday after the party, at the magazine’s offices, Foer was locked in a long serious conversation with Leon Wieseltier, the bear-shaped intellectual who has run the magazine’s literary section with distinction since 1983. They were talking about Beauchamp. Foer couldn’t understand why anyone would just make things up.

Wieseltier did. “Maybe he [Beauchamp] is a sociopath.”

As new details about Beauchamp’s strange private life emerged, Wieseltier’s initial assessment would prove to be on target.

One thing: Lay off Elle. The only thing she seems to have done wrong was love and trust her husband.

As I wrote before - 20-somethings do dumb things. Even smart ones. And anyone can be taken in by a manipulator like Beauchamp. She's got to be beside herself already.

I also don't think it's fair to blame fact checkers for not knowing about things like run-flat tires, when it's the hiring managers and editors who are doing nothing to improve the dearth of veterans on staff.

Intellectual diversity is important. But that's not the purview of the entry level 23 year old reporter.

Lay off Elle.

Yeah, no doubt. I actually feel sorry for her - she's married to the scumball, and it seems that occured rather recently, and rather quickly.

I suspect she's got a bad case of buyers remorse.
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