Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So what the fark happened to CounterColumn? 
Hmmmm. Interesting question. I'm not exactly sure myself. I got home one day and just decided I wanted to do something else besides blog. And then the next day the same thing happened. And then the next. Before I knew it, two weeks had gone by, and that was it.

I just had no desire or urge to blog. I'd sit down, and the idea was downright distasteful to me. I haven't checked the email in a couple of months. I'm dreading it now. (If you wrote, and I haven't gotten back to you, I apologize, and thank you for your well-wishes.)

Some of it may have to do with a painful breakup, but I'm historically MORE likely to blog if I'm feeling down, not less.

Some of it, no doubt, coincides with the increasing demands of my job.

Two weeks of it was due to Annual Training, but I could have posted once or twice if I really wanted to, and just didn't.

The slowdown coincides with the kerfuffle over the Immigration bill, as well. Which wasn't all that huge a deal to me, in and of itself. I was never a Michelle Malkinite bombthrower on illegal immigration. I'm the son of an immigrant, too (my Mom immigrated from the UK as a teenager, and is still a British citizen. She ran into some legal trouble a few years ago, and we had to deal with the prospect over a possible deportation.

Fortunately it didn't come to that, but it was pretty scary. And in the long run, it may have cost the US my own productivity and the services of an expensively trained commissioned officer, because eventually I may have relocated to the UK to be with her.

Preferably Belfast, so I could get in some good tunes.

At any rate, the whole episode imbued me with a healthy respect for the law of unintended consequences - and any hard-line immigration policy must be fraught with those.

Even as I write this, two honor students from Miami, both raised in the U.S., are being held in an INS detention center, through no fault of their own, because their parents came here illegally some 15 or so years ago.

That's jail, if you've never been inside one.

Someone tell me how THAT'S just?

But Bush and McCain and the others were just so arrogant about dismissing the concerns of people like Malkin - downright anti-democratic, while the Republican hardliners were just so vile about ignoring the law of unintended consequences, that I didn't really feel any of them were worth going to bat for.

And, I suppose, I was just tired of the grind.

I don't particularly feel like blogging right now, even though I've been wanting to write something about L'Affaire Beauchamp, and something else caught my eye, as well, which will be the subject of the next post.

All is well, here. I've eased back into it a bit, by terrorizing Ann Althouse's comments and a couple of others here and there.

Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow?

But if you've been a reader for a while, I can't thank you enough. You have no idea how you kept me going, and kept me engaged, when nothing else would.

Splash, out


So take some time, post intermittently; focus on quality over quantity. Nothing worse than a radio talk show host who HAS to be there every day 'phoning it in', I'm sure the same thing applies to blogging.
I've been wondering where you went and missed reading you. If you don't want to talk of the world the music posts were good too. Play your fiddle and post that, I'd like to hear you play. Above all be well and happy. Bill
I think “breakup” is the key word. Although long ago; been there, done that. It will take the wind out of anyone. I am just glad to hear you are otherwise OK. Take your time, you will come back. You are too strong to let even that stop you long. Probably the best thing to do any time there is an emotional crises is to keep your mind busy and keep moving. We will wait.
Welcome back
Good to see you back !
Hey Jason,

As long as you are still alive.

Write if you can or want to. If

not then don't. We will keep

checking in from time to time.

Thanks for your service & your blog

Sine Nomine
There's a pretty big distinction between coming here legally and contributing to the nation's defense, as your Mum and you did, and coming here in flagrant violation...and in leaving the door open for terrorists and other oddly-non-Hispanic "mexicans" from middle eastern countries who may have other plans.
Justice is not a simple or easy thing...those two illegal grad students took two classroom seats away from legals, whether citizens or "documented" immigrants. If they're here in violation of our laws...why would it be just to make others who were arguably just as qualified, wait or go elsewhere for grad school? that's not racist or nativist...it's the law, and like it or not, it's justice.
Retired Officer
Welcome back to the surface. I'm starting a month blogging hiatus myself.

I would make a distinction between the law and justice. Justice is one of those platonic ideals; law is what we do to try and get as close as possible to the ideal.

These two kids are in detention because their parents broke the law. I believe I read somewhere the whole family's in detention. I look forward to their reunification in their parent's home country.
Hey J...No sweat. I'm going through a bit of an intermittent dry spell myself. A bit of "blog-burnout" is okay now and then.

I figured there was some training or fieldwork going on in there somewhere...that's to be expected in your position.

Take all the time you need, when you need it. With those of us who keep tabs with you on a regular basis, it's understood.
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