Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Private Beauchamp 
Private Beauchamp, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!!!

Hey! You're back! - (tho, this link a bit stale) - How about some observations on the TNR "smell test" - you know about US Army helmets - pretty snug fit, right? ... could one place a fragment of a child's skull on one's head and wear a helmet on top of that? - How does that smell to you
Beauchamp's story was crap, but that wasn't the reason.

Yes, you can take a fragment of any skull, provided it's small enough, and put it in your helmet. Remember, he said "fragment." But wearing it around wouldn't be much of a joke, since no one would be able to see it.

You can also slip it between the helmet band and the helmet, so other people could see it, but that's not what Beauchamp said.

Milbloggers made waaaayyyy too much of the skull thing. And the mass grave appears to check out, at least broadly, though that doesn't mean that Beauchamp was there.

The running over dogs with Bradleys was always crap. As was the IED survivor in a uniform he couldn't tell was military.

Yeah, the link is old. It was written before Beauchamp was established to be unreliable. That's what makes it more interesting. It's a better read now than it was then, when it was just one more hypothesis.

Thanks for writing.
Magnificent bastard - YOU Jason are the magnificent bastard! We missed you. Keep blogging reguarly - your opinions are always rich.
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