Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Left, obviously, has no problem with the New York Times divulging sensitive, classified information about our surveillance methods and techniques in an ongoing war on terror.

But God forbid the New York Times publish a Harry Potter book review two days early!

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Good your alive and posting again.
Glad you're back.

Totally agree with you.
The left should despise J.K. Rowling and her creations. After all, she is a former welfare mother who became a self-made billionaire. Yeah, there might be some in luck in it but you can bet she's probably worked awfully hard to get where she is and we know how the left feels about the thought of working hard to get off the welfare rolls, be it here or GB or anywhere....
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Here's what I said:

Okay, so I'll be upfront and say I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I was given Book 7 (which arrived in yesterday's mail, and I'm on Chapter 5 [ed. - finished Chapter 6 before going to bed last night]) for my recent birthday.

The difference between keeping the secrets of Book 7 before the release and keeping National Security secrets? There are consequences for the leakers for spilling the beans about the fate of Harry Potter. So far, there have been none for spilling the beans about National Security matters.

In reading Book 7, so far, we've seen a character from a previous book who is a "reporter". I think she'd be right at home at the NYT and such, with the way they like to smear good people in what they print. Funny how you can find parallels to the "real world", even in children's fantasy novels….

May God Bless you.
Great site.
How is the family?
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