Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just How Dumb is Joe Klein? 
Oh, pretty dumb, it seems. Consider this passage:

And as General David Petraeus keeps reminding us, a political solution is necessary: a military victory is not possible. So let's try to put the good and bad news together. It's not impossible that the Iraqis will eventually remove the al-Qaeda cancer from the Sunni insurgency—which would put a serious crimp in President George W. Bush's current rationale for the war, that we're there to fight al-Qaeda.

Got that? Beating them puts a crimp in the rationale for the war. You just can't win with these assholes. Nothing is good enough. Losing is bad. Winning is bad. They are so twisted in their reasoning that anything resembling victory is tautologically impossible.

And when the hell has a political solution not been neccessary for the resolution of ANY insurgency?

Klein has no business trying to do military analysis.

Time will let just about anybody write for them these days. Andy Sullivan? Ana Marie Cox? Joe Klein? These lightweights are the very best Time can do?

Pathetic. What a sullying of what ought to be a great brand.

They need to go after the Atlantic Monthly writers.

Splash, out


Klein is just writing from his own point of view. The phrasing makes it pretty obvious; he could have said, "It's not impossible that the Iraqis will eventually remove the al-Qaeda cancer from the Sunni insurgency — which would change the Iraq from a battlefield in the War on Terror to just another nation coping with internal unrest." He instead phrases it in terms of how that would put a serious crimp in W's current rationale for the war, inferring that the rationale is false and that to put a crimp in it would be a defeat for W - instead of, you know, a major step toward victory for both the West and Iraq. Seeking victory in the war and not demonising W seem to be equally beyond his comprehension.
Well, the way Klein puts it, the Bush administration's assertion CANNOT be false.

That's the whole nut of Klein's stupidity: By stipulating that it is possible for the tribes to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq, he stipulates that the President is correct in the first place.

The prospect of eventual victory validates the President's position. It does not undercut it.

But Klein (and the current crop at Time) are too muddle-headed to figure this out.
There is this freightening SELF LOVE that right wing Americans suffer from-- I know it because I was a YAF leader decades ago...It is like the old saying: ME THINKS THOU PROTESTETH TOO MUCH, indicating that you are either trying to convince yourself or trying to get others fooled so they can convince you. Hubris is a luxury America cannot afford as it is an oil adictict running out of dollars.

Monitoring binLaden's crew one notes that, mostly, alQaeda is a talking bloglike channel. Arabs love to discuss. And if you quietly put your ear to the shaft of the spear rather than trying to bite and bend the point, you will note that a certain MAP/CAP Spirit is saving our efforts in Anbar Province vto the dread of alQadea fans. Back in Vietnam-- when we were just as intel blind, language deaf and culture dumb-- firt the Marines in I Corps, then the army in IV Corps pulled squads of soldiers to guide and coordinate local peasant forces. They were able to hold back Hanoi's regualr army from the North. Alas, this "better war" came too late and the "better war" was a loss. Well, with Petraeus as a Bush PR man duisguized as a general, spewing at Congress what the White House tells him to say via his cell phone in the breaks between Congressional hearings, we not only deceive ourselves but fail to understand why it is that one-time resistance Anbar Sunni families are now ADOPTING AS THEIR OWN U.S. soldiers. The truth is that with repeated forced "in injun country" tour extensions, our soldiers, as they used to say in Vietnam, "are going native." They are getting that CAP/MAT spirit and the Anbar tribes are sensisng it. BUT KEY TO THAT FEELING IS *OUR* HUMILITY AND THEIRS. So maybe these dumb uneducated commentators who just shoot their mouths off on blogs, hoping this way to get rich on ads without ever working for a living, ought to say to themselves that if OUR kids in harm's way can do so much with a little humility, it's time for the rest of the ad-dependent bloggers to study the realities of Iraq or go out and get a productive job so we don't have to buy everything from China. And if you do know calculus and mechanics physics, then work on a fossil feul independent form of energy. If we end our addiction to their oil, the Arabs will end their terror against us. The reason is simple: Bush's real motivation in Iraq is not democracy but stealing oil so we can fill-er-up our SUVs cheap. He thinks all the blunders and lies and deaths and injured will be forgiven and he will be remembered as that wonderful president who got us cheap oil again...NO CHANCE! I love OUR kids too much to settle for blood for oil. I rather pay high prices until we find an alternative. But it will come soon if Americans realize that they must buckle down and study science and math rather than shoot their mouths off on moronic rha rha tough sounding chickenhawk blogs for the science illiterate.

Daniel E. Teodoru

Shut your mouth and go do something nice for someone instead!
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