Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jewbaiting Reporters at the AFP 
Here's the latest from the dorkwads at Agents France Presse:

Israel bombed a Hamas headquarters in the heart of Gaza City on Thursday as rival Palestinian factions clashed again in the unruly territory wracked by days of deadly internecine bloodshed.

An Israeli aircraft fired at the headquarters of a Hamas paramilitary force, killing one person, wounding 30 others and destroying the two-storey building after Israel vowed to hit militants firing rockets from the territory.

Israel's actions threatened to further exacerbate tensions in Gaza, riven by five days of gunbattles and reprisal attacks between rival Fatah and Hamas fighters that has stoked fears of a civil war and driven the coalition cabinet to the brink of collapse.

Wait a minute...The murderers at Hamas are still firing rockets from Gaza, and it's Israel's actions that exacerbate tensions?

A Jew can do nothing right. Even when they bomb known terrorist headquarters.

Splash, out


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