Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gee-Whiz Gear 
Not getting great reviews so far from the grunts on the ground.

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A quick question from a complete amateur - but to what extent is the new gear a problem to the degree that it might interfer with intuitive, instinctive ways of processing information in a battlefield environment? The book below, "The Gift of Fear" and other things I've read postulate that there are ways our minds process sensory information before the more analytical elements of our understanding click. I wonder might it be possible that the Land Warrior gear, by constantly presenting information in a digitalized format might be short-circuting that process?


Anyway, 'tis good to check in on you after a long time away and see that you are as on top of things as usual. Thanks for entertaining my question since I'm doing enough military history (the World War I class is my biggest draw) that I want to not be a total disaster teaching such material either to civilians or the occasional vet whose in my class.


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