Saturday, April 21, 2007

Found on Belmont Club 
This wonderful comment:

The principal reason why I detest al-Qaeda with such vehemence is not merely because of what they do to others, but the fantasies they unleash within me of what I would like to do to the terrorists.

I resent them not merely because they do evil, but because they seek to plunge the rest of us into their hell. It is less the evil they commit that infuriates me than their desire to impress others with how evil they are. Their exhibitionism unleashes two reactions within me. One dislikes the evil they do. The other is to feel offense against their exhibitionism, to be utterly unimpressed by the level of evil they are committing precisely because I suspect what I'm capable of if my mind goes in the wrong direction. I'm reminded of the Crocodile Dundee quote, "That's not a knife. This is a knife."

Pulling out a bigger knife to confront and destroy evil doesn't bother me much, though. In the grand scheme of things, I would not hesitate to firebomb Dresden again if it were necessary to bring the machinery of the Holocaust to a halt, and I would nuke a thousand Nagasakis if it were neccessary to crush the perpetrators of the Rape of Nanking. And that willingness must be a deterrent to tyrants rational enough to at least recognize self-interest.

Essentially, that is how the United States wins its wars.

That's not a Military Industrial complex. THIS is a military-industrial complex - propelled by the energy of a free people, in our righteous might.

Suck it, moojies.

And remember who you're fucking with.

Splash, out


I appreciate the sentiment expressed in the comment you referenced, at least as far as despising the attempt of al-Qaeda to "drag us into their hell". Like you, I have no problem pulling out the bigger knife either, but I believe that it is a mistake to draw a moral equivalency between the likes of al-Qaeda and the forces of the West who would destroy them by whatever means necessary.
I used to think that turning the whole of the Middle East into a shiney surface with only our pump jacks populating the surface was the way to go.

But then I relized that most Muslims don't live in the Middle East.

Now thousands of them are moving to Africa and other out of the way places.

What to do?

The answer of course, is to turn them against each other.

We need to work on that.

As far as nukes go, the next American nuke to be exploded, will be one that is stolen from us and used against us.

No American President (or one to be) alive today has the balls to use nukes right now, but even if he/she did, they would never get approval from congress.

But just wait, when one of our population centers is destroyed, that might just change.

Papa Ray
West Texas
Yeah, it's not enough to have nukes - ya gotta have the balls [sic] to use 'em.

I recently spent an idle hour reading up on the history and current state of the French "force de frappe' " (I'm not kidding - that's what they call it); their not-inconsiderable nuclear deterrent. At one point, they had their own miniature version of the US strategic 'triad', though they dismantled their land-based missiles in the early 90's (but kept the warheads).

However, I cannot imagine any circumstances up to and including the nuclear destruction of France that would provoke them to use it. I can only hope that (like the South Africans) they will dismantle and destroy their nukes before the start of the Sixth (Islamic) Republic.
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