Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eileen Ivers, Seamus Egan, and John Doyle 
...Along with a percussionist I don't know.


Eileen Ivers soon became world famous as the musical star of Riverdance, but she was a great trad player before that. And a great math geek, too!

John Doyle and Seamus Egan, the flute player on this vid, can be heard on the terrific earlier Solas albums. Egan is a DEADLY guitar player in his own right.

I highly recommend anything Doyle plays on or produces...especially his two solo albums, Evening Comes Early and Wayward Son.

He's so good, though, he's ruining a generation of Irish guitar players.

Splash, out


very much agreed on Seamus. I was able to catch him years ago in Atlanta playing both flute and guitar and we talked for a little bit. I'm still listening to the CD I bought from him that night.

You ought to hear him on the fiddle... whoa....
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