Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"We're lawyers and lawyers in training. Of course we follow the law, not morals." 
Yet another reason not to trust lawyers - as if we needed one.

If our law firm hiring officials are too dumb to discount Internet bulletin board gossip, we need new ones. Stupid people hire other stupid people. We don't need stupid lawyers - we have plenty already.

If our lawyers and lawyers in training can't tell the difference between criminalizing speech and holding people civilly accountable for the legitimate damages that arise from the reckless speech of people who ought to be familiar enough with the law of torts to know better, then we need some new law professors, as well.

What kind of new law professors? The kind that will seed their students' minds with an appreciation of the importance of balance, ethics, and discernment first, and only then tackling the technicalities.

I believe that comment was made anonymously, if you reread the article. I mistrust your certainty it was actually a lawyer.
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