Sunday, March 18, 2007

"There's nothing like the death of a general officer to cause a much-needed round of promotions in the Army."

The Army, as ALWAYS happens in wartime, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, is promoting a higher percentage of its officers in middle grades to the next higher rank than normal.

The Boston Globe looks at it, and poses the question: Is the Army sacrificing quality for quantity?

My answer: No.

Remember, those being promoted are selected from a pool of combat veterans who themselves self-select to stay in and do another combat tour. That's the best assurance of quality we have right there.

Our officers and NCOs alike are 100% better warriors than their compatriots at that given rank were six years ago - and that quality boost occurs all across the bell curve. By promoting the warriors who want to stay in and do another tour, the Army isn't rewarding mediocrity - they're retaining quality. The weak, or those with other priorities, will find something else to do with their time.

In order to stop the exodus, the Army last October established an Officer Retention Branch designed to "retain more of our best officers," Rochelle testified. It also increased from 412 to 612 the number of full scholarships offered to captains to attend graduate school.

Wow, sweet deal! Think they'll allow reserve component captains a chance to compete for those scholarships?


(One Army, My Ass!)

For example, the Army is struggling to fill 8,000 new midlevel officer positions it has created since 2002, representing a 58 percent increase in captains and majors, according to Army figures. The service projects for 2007 that the estimated 14,000 majors it will have in uniform will only be about 83 percent of the number it needs, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.


If only I could buy shares in O-Clubs!!!

Splash, out


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