Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Return of the Son of Eeyore the Editor 
So the surge has driven much of the insurgency to ground, so far, and U.S. combat fatalities are down significantly over the last four weeks, compared to the trailing four week period before.

So how do the thumbsucking morons report it at the New York Times?

The heightened American street presence may already have contributed to an increase in the percentage of American deaths that occur in Baghdad.

I shit thee not.

Over all, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq from hostilities since Feb. 14, the start of the new Baghdad security plan, fell to 66, from 87 in the previous four weeks.

This being the New York Times, there has to be a "but." There will be a but, no matter how desperately they have to strain for it.

But with more soldiers in the capital on patrol and in the neighborhood garrisons, a higher proportion of the American deaths have occurred in Baghdad — 36 percent after Feb. 14 compared with 24 percent in the previous four weeks. Also over the past four weeks, a higher proportion of military deaths from roadside bombs have occurred in Baghdad — 45 percent compared with 39 percent.

People still take those dolts seriously?

Splash, out


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Let's see, we are taking a larger percentage of casualties in the area where we have concentrated our troops and scaled up the tempo of our offensive operations.

I don't get it. Why would anyone want to play with a robot that turns into a building? That's not fun.

I should have been a journalist or a Senator, but no, I had to get a real job, in the private sector, where they expect results.
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