Monday, March 05, 2007

Rendering the Inappropriate Courtesy 
A journalist had his claim for unemployment benefits denied today. That's what happens when you show up to cover a soldier's funeral, piss on or near a monument, and have another journalist capture the moment on film (streaming video?) and send it to your boss.

The administrative law judge who heard Edwards' appeal for unemployment benefits said the act of urinating at the cemetery was disrespectful, unprofessional and offensive.

Edwards testified at a recent hearing that he was unable to leave the cemetery to urinate for fear of missing the funeral procession.

"I was leaned on to get that shot," Edwards testified.

Hell, I'd fire his stoopid ass just for making such a statement in the passive voice!

Splash, out


P.S. Betcha his lawyer told him to "shake it off."

Deplorable. Just another sad example of yellow journalism.
For twenty years my friends and I marked the passing of a friend on his birthday, Christmas Eve, graveside with beers and a three-club golf tournament following. His dad was always out there before us--we met at 7am--and left a case of beer.

We'd drink, smoke cigars, piss and leave for the tourney.

Twenty years later, we were all middle-aged with families that hated us going out and getting blasted on Christmas Eve. Oh, well. We still meet around Christmas for a quick tipple, but not at graveside. But I don't think he cares a bit that we were disrespectful, unprofessional and offensive.

Laughed when I read "Splash, out."
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