Sunday, March 04, 2007

Q and O Eviscerates Mona Brooks 
Read it here.

I'd also venture to say that this concerted attempt by the left to brand the SBVT as deceitful, a "hit squad" and smear merchants, is an obvious attempt to compromise a group that was very effective won't work. Oh, it'll be accepted by those already inclined to believe they were lying about Kerry. But anyone who took the time to check their claims by independent research came away feeling much more inclined to accept their version than the Kerry version.

The desperation of the left to compromise the SBVT, however, is sickeningly evident when you see columnists like Brooks stoop to calling Medal of Honor winners "goons" because they disagree politically.

She should be ashamed.

And this, from a commenter at Q and O.,

I knew 10 Vietnam Vets well enough to really have had a decent conversation with them about the 2000 campaign prior to the SBVT coming out (My Dad, 4 Uncles, and an assortment of family friends, cops, & MPs for the rest). What I found so significant was, out of this group of 10 politically-mixed individuals, all 10 not only knew who the junior Senator from Massachusetts was, but they all despised him for exactly the same reason.

Yet, there he was, saluting, reporting for duty, and finding a reason to bring Vietnam up every three breaths, seemingly totally oblivious to the fact that to a significant number of Vietnam Vets to who each mention of the war by him felt like he was grinding salt in a dry tooth socket.

Further, a bit of due diligence on QandO's readers' part finds that the organization Brooks serves as special counsel, the Open Society Institute, was founded by George Soros - of the MoveOn.org people.

The Los Angeles Times, of course, cannot be bothered to alert its readers of that affiliation.

You'd think those idiots would have learned about the dangers of undisclosed conflicts via the Staples Center fiasco of some years ago, but I guess not.

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