Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lying headlines and the lying liars who write them. 
The usual journo suspects continue to jump on military-women-as-victims stories. All the rage these days. From the Ass Press:

The key quote here is this one:

Army spokeswoman Maj. Cheryl Phillips said, "There is no evidence that the actual number of assaults is increasing in the Army, but there are definite indicators that the Army has created more willingness among Soldier victims to report incidents."

Get that? No evidence that the actual number of assaults is increasing. The Ass Press does not attempt to subvert or question that assertion in the text. The entire article, indeed, is a regurgitation of Army-provided data.

So what's the headline these lying runts choose to run?

Sexual Assaults in Military Increase.


What's really happening is that senior commanders are putting a full court press on right now to stop what sexual harrassment there is in the ranks - and requiring company commanders and first sergeants to be extremely proactive in educating soldiers not only about what the standards are, but how to file a report.

Just last November, I received a requirement to show a half-hour video presentation and hand out some literature, and explain the ways you could file a complaint in detail. Similar orders have been going out around the Army for months and months and months.

Lo and behold, reports of sexual harrassment and sexual assaults are increasing!

Who would have thunk?

Well, a lot of people. Except dumbass reporters who can't tell the difference between reporting an act and the act itself.

Sexual harrassment has no place in the Army. Sexual assault is a crime. I will ruthlessly confront it where it exists and I will not tolerate either in my command.

But I'm tired of these halfwits in the drive-by media, these instant experts dragging my Army's name through the dirt.

A correction is in order.

Splash, out


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In partial defense of the dumbass reporters in question, they don't write the headlines. Nevertheless, some of them are also mischaracterizing it in the text of their articles
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