Saturday, March 03, 2007

Living With Snipers 
Pat Dollard posts a terrific video from the Government Center of Ramadi.

I have been there dozens of times, but I was never part of the garrison.

You can see the wall surrounding the compound a few times, in the parking lot out front. The first major attack on the center I know of happened about June of 2003. They sent children out to throw grenades. Men were handing hand grenades to children and encouraging them to throw them over the wall. Our soldiers held their fire in that direction, but killed two or three insurgents on another part of the battlefield.

Note especially the Marine lieutenant's take on the reporting of the Economist.

Anyone who says that kind of reporting has no effect on morale has his head up his ass. Of course it does. John F. Kerry was saying it was back when he said no one wants to be the last man to die for a mistake. (All of a sudden that logic no longer applies when you turn it against the Democrats in media critism)

You can see the tactical difficulties in maintaining security at a garrison like that, in the middle of a populous city.

I'm not sure we needed to post video that tells insurgents that their snipers aren't penetrating the ballistic windows. I'd much rather they continued exposing their snipers with ineffective shots. But the cat's out of the bag.

I would encourage Dollard to edit that bit out, before some Moojie sees this and they begin to take corrective measures.

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