Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Leftist with Brains 
From Marxist.org:

But how is it possible for us to call ourselves Marxists and support a war waged by a coalition of rich western liberal democracies against the government of a poor “Third World” country? We would turn the question round: how it is possible that Marxism has been so corrupted and distorted that “Marxists” prefer to see thousands more Iraqis die in the torture chambers of the Ba’ath, and millions more suffer under the iniquities excused (not caused) by the UN sanctions, rather than admit that socialists not only can but must support even the worst bourgeois democracy against even the least bad tyranny? For the beginnings of an answer, let us consider just some of the transparent and disgusting lies generated and spread by the western “left” before and during the war.

Now THIS is a leftist. We need more like this.

Lots more at the link. Actually, I pretty rarely call something a "must read." This is a "must read."

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I think you linked to a 2003 post - was this intentional? You didn't mention it. It would be interesting to see what the author is saying now.
Well I have been here, maybe nowhere as articulate, nor a "Marxist", just your average lefty, but here non the less
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