Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cpl. Jason Dunham to have a ship named after him 
UPDATE: A reader suggests changing the parameters of my NY Times archive search to James L. Dunham. Still drawing a blank, but the New York Times did do a story on Cpl Jason L. Dunham (had to add the "L.")

No, it didn't make the A section. It ran on page 3 of the B section, nearly three years after his heroic sacrifice and death. He did get 1,878 words, though.

Corporal Jason Dunham, the first Marine to have recieved the Medal of Honor for service in Iraq, will have a destroyer named after him.

The New York Times never wrote a story on him.

Then again, the Times doesn't know what the Medal of Honor is.

An article in The Arts yesterday about Tavis Smiley, the television and radio host and author, omitted the co-author of his new memoir, ''What I Know for Sure: My Story of Growing Up in America,'' in some copies. He is David Ritz. The article also misidentified the Congressional award given to Rosa Parks, for which Mr. Smiley campaigned with Tom Joyner, a radio host on whose show Mr. Smiley appears as a commentator. It was the Congressional Gold Medal -- not the Medal of Honor, given for military service.

Oh, and then there's this:

An Op-Ed article last Sunday about the Plaza Hotel misstated details about an award given to the songwriter George M. Cohan. He won the Congressional Gold Medal, an award also given to other songwriters. He did not win the Congressional Medal of Honor.

And this, too.

And this.

Nor does the Times know what a Marine is.

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Nothing to see here. I mean, you mistake the New York Times for a newspaper all the time

Your research is excellent, son. How long should it take any editor at the Times to get the Medal of Honor particulars correct? Apparently more than 8 years, eh?

Good on the Navy for choosing to name a ship after CPL Dunham. He and SFC Paul Ray Smith are true inspiration to all who care about honor, justice, and doing the right thing for your fellow man. Thanks for pointing out how a so called newspaper can miss the entire point of service to one's country and the story that service would tell.

Reread your last link, then go back to your google search and put the L., for Jason L. Dunham. The same goofy error may have been repeated several times by the same copyeditor on the Gold Medal of Honor, but there were several stories about Corporal James L. Dunham.
I saw two, one from November of 06 and one from January of 07.
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