Monday, March 12, 2007

Army Reserve Medical Command is being torn apart and put back together 
This is happening fast.

The Army Reserve Contracting Center is conducting market research and sources sought for the requirement described herein. The contractor shall provide all personnel necessary in order to provide management and administrative support for the establishment and the ongoing transformation of the Army Reserve Medical Command (AR-MEDCOM) and assist with transition functions relatin g to the transition plan to inactivate a medical command (MEDCOM), activate a medical deployment support command (MDSC), convert a MEDCOM to an MDSC, disestablish current AR-MEDCOM headquarters and establish redesigned AR-MEDCOM headquarters.This is not a formal solicitation or a request for proposals.


Any truth to the rumor with some GIs signaling that if they die in Iraq that they desire to have their remains (ashes) dropped on or spread over President Bush's Texas ranch or personally delivered to him by a surviving family member? I've heard that the thinking is: he's responsible for them being killed therefore he owns them. This is akin to the administration’s you break it you own it policy.
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