Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spitting: Volokh's Jim Lindgren blows it wide open... 
...And here's a big, fat, slimy, green noogie in the faces of Jerry Lembcke, One Pissed Off Vet, and the rest of the deniers.

Lindgren finds too many specific instances in contemporary press accounts for me to reproduce here. Read the whole thing.

And demand a retraction from Slate, and an acknowledgement from One Pissed off Vet, who was more interested in slandering his fellow veterans than in pursuing the truth.

As for Professor Lembcke, maybe he should take some remedial research classes.

Splash, out


You'd think that the lefties would be a bit more, ummm, circumspect about spitting upon people they believe to be murders, rapists, baby-killers, modern day Ghenghis Khans.

I'm not sure why, I think had they spit on the Great Khan, they would have suffered an immediate (and terribly violent) response. They're neither clueful or honest enough to realize they're dealing with honorable men and women who can tolerate some abuse. And NOT the terrible people they accuse them of being.
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