Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spitting on Vets: A Personal Account 
From a reader

I was severely wounded in June of 72, evaced to Clark then to Yokuta in Japan. By the time I was released from care I weighed 135# and still had mobility problems. I caught a JAL flight to SF and from there was to connect to a Delta hop taking me home in NOLA. I couldn't walk the 1/2 mile or so between terminals so one of the Sky Caps pushed me over in a wheel chair.

I was in full uniform (Class A) and got confronted by several people who called me names, mocked me and the Sky Cap, my wounds and the US democratic system it self. I'd had one drink on the plane, that and my meds had left me very mellow. I laughed at them, razzed the men that they hid behind skirts and had no balls. To the women I asked if soap and water was a sign of evil capitalist decadence and did they buy patchouli oil in gallon jars.

My verbally taunting them back seemed to enrage them further and also drew a crowd. One of the loudmouthed and very filthy men came at me w/fists raised, I jabbed him in the gut w/me crutch causing to puke on himself and curl up in a ball on the floor. Two of the hippie chicks then spit at/on me while spewing the most vile threats and curses.

As we, the Sky Cap and myself where semi surrounded we tried to back up and didi mau the hell away from there. Before we could 2 of the SF police came and the hippies tried to claim I had attacked them for no reason. It took a bit but the real story came out, several of the scum got arrested and I got a police escort to the Delta gate. I was lucky there was a dry cleaner close enough that I could get my uniform done. The Sky Cap was a Korea vet and refused my money "Sergeant, just seeing you fight back and not give up is payment enough.". I kept in touch w/him over the years till he passed. The SF paper crime log reported that the 2 arrested had their charges dropped.


(I've withheld the name, but if a journo wants to follow up I'll put you in touch. A San Francisco local might be able to pull an old issue on microfiche.)


C'mon Jason. Don't act all outraged. If dissent is patriotic, then surely attempting to beat up a convalescing veteran in a wheelchair is the one of the highest forms of dissent. I'm not sure how it could be topped... perhaps beating up a dead soldiers widow and kids, or maybe taunting his (or her) parents might be more patriotic...


In a way, this is all healthy discourse. It opens a window into the diseased, depraved soul of the left. These aren't people about whom you can say, "well, reasonable people sometimes disagree." They aren't reasonable in any meaningful sense of the word. They aren't worth talking to.
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