Saturday, February 10, 2007

An open letter to Linda Quiquivix 
Dear Linda,

I just read your essay in the Daily Tarheel
in which you describe stripping to your underwear at the behest of El Al security. I also seem to recall something about breaking up with your Jewish boyfriend over your differing beliefs regarding the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

I can tell you that it IS very possible for people of different political convictions to date - and even marry. People do it all the time.

The difference is that both individuals must possess intellectual and emotional maturity - qualities your essay suggests you do not yet possess.

Intellectually, of course, you understand that few things are as simple as they seem to be at first perusal. The Palestinians have plenty of legitimate grievances against the Israelis without you having to invent ones that do not exist.* And the Israelis, who have brought up generations of their own, now, on the land, now have some legitimate claims of their own, regardless of what you believe about the geopolitical situation in Palestine circa 1917.

You're a smart young woman. I can tell that from your efficient use of language. But you are not smart enough to be condescending or arrogant towards others with differing points of view.

The fact that you felt it was your place to "enlighten" your progressive boyfriend on this issue belies an astounding intellectual and emotional immaturity. It is your place to understand - not to enlighten. Understanding, in time, brings its own enlightenment, and that's almost always a two-way street.

And you're a beautiful woman - you will have no shortage of suitors, I'm sure.

Your ex-boyfriend, however, is better off without you.


Jason Van Steenwyk
North Lauderdale, Florida

"You're a beautiful woman..."

Not quite, fat maybe but not beautiful:

I think the term is 'zaftig'
I'd hit that. But only for the sheer racist mysoginy of it all.
That bitch is gonna get her ass fuked
(by me of course)
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