Saturday, February 24, 2007

OMFG Jason is teh p()Nzer!!!!!111^11+1! 
I had been wondering where these magnificent words like "teh" and "pwn'd" were coming from.

So my search took me to 1337.com, n00b.com, and finally here. Got a kick out of it.

Understand, I don't game. I haven't even owned a television set in more than a decade. I don't watch it. I don't go to movies. (That's what happens when you blog.)

I am teh hip to you all now, kids! Dig? Grok? Er, whatever.

That made me roll on the floor rofling!
Jason, how do you feel about stocks that really just seem to be mutual funds kinda sorta. Like Gabelli (GAB), which promises a 10% dividend return based on the price of the stock at the end of each quarter?

I'm wondering if i could take a big hit someday, since if they don't meet the 10% profit goal, they sell capital to make the difference. In this case, selling capital is really just selling some of their value. Do you think I am at high risk of getting burned?

Lol. Out loud.
Forget it. Question answered today. Painfully.
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