Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New York: America's Nanny State 
First, the frigging U.S. bagel with cream cheese and hot dog capital moves to prohibit adults from eating saturated fats in the city's restaurants. Ok, I can create a plausible public interest argument.

Next, another city council woman wants to ban models who are too skinny from New York City's runways. Ok, I can see legitimate reasons why some well-meaning idiot might want to do that.

Next, someone else wants to ban people from talking on cell phones while walking in the city.

Ok, I'll stipulate to the innate stupidity of NYC residents willing to put up with the first two lawmakers - and people who routinely reelect Charlie "It's worse than those six million Jews being killed" Rangel to the House of Representatives can't be all that bright.

But this takes the cake.

I heard this report on Fox News today. What next? You can't listen to the radio or talk to passengers while you are driving, too? That also raises the risk of distractions resulting in accidents...
Jason, you really need to get out more. That thing they serve on a bun in New York isn't a hot dog! For a real hot dog, you need to go to the Windy City! Nuthin' better than a Vienna Chicago style hot dog and a cold beer on a hot sunny day!
Ah, yes, Tre - I've been to the Windy City, and you are correct as usual.

Go Cubbies!!!
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