Sunday, February 11, 2007

More spitting on soldiers ... 
The holy grail for vetspit deniers:

A contemporaneous account, complete with an arrest.

But don't you dare question her patriotism.

God bless, Jason. I don't understand why you try to keep making arguments to convince the people who disagree with you, that their position is incorrect.

The current line is that while something like spitting on returning veterans may have occurred, (1) it never happened at Travis A.F.B., and servicemembers on follow on flights (e.g. Travis to O'Hare to Dubuque) weren't actually "returning" from Vietnam, they were already home; (2) there should have been a lot of dead hippies because soldiers would definitely beat up or kill anybody who spit on them; (3) at least there should be some arrest reports from soldiers beating up the spitters; (4) the claim wasn't that 'nobody ever spit on a soldier,' it was something much more narrow than that, don't press me for details, bitch; and, (5) okay, fine, so there are people admitting they spat on returning veterans in uniform, and there were arrests, but there aren't any MPEG's of this on YouTube, so you still haven't proven anything...

And on it goes.

I'm about done arguing with them because they don't want to know the facts, they would rather be snug in their illusions.
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