Thursday, February 08, 2007

More from the Dolts at the New York Times 
This time a pool of genius reporters manage to write two pages on the recent sharp increase in the number of downed helicopters without once mentioning any possibility of an Iranian connection.

That takes some blindness.

Did anyone mention any Russians?
The initial reporting that I've seen suggests that at least two of the helicopters were taken down with small arms and MG fire--suggesting a shift in insurgent tactics rather than any deployment of new weapons systems (Iranian or otherwise). Such small arms ambushes were commonly used against Soviet helicopters in Afghanistan, and they are hardly rocket-science.

Indeed, to date, the evidence to date is that the majority of Iranian covert assistance is (ironically) still going to a US ally, SCIRI. Substantial aid is going to Sadr/Jaysh al-Mahdi, but at the moment JAM is largely going after Sunnis rather than the coalition. There is little evidence of Iranian support for Sunni insurgent groups.
Well, of course not, Anonymous. The Iranians fund the Syrians, who fund the Sunni insurgents. It'd be a bit awkward if the Iranian agents in Iraq were directly funding both "sides" of the sectarian war. They might forget which set of civilians they're supposed to be kiling at the moment.
No one has mentioned weather. Last I checked, whirlybirds tend to fly under clouds. It is cloudy in Iraq this time of the year.
Some footage has come out that indicates that at least one aircraft was downed by a surface to air missile.
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