Saturday, February 17, 2007

Liberal Avengergate 
I must say I am sorry to see that Liberal Avenger - someone I had long believed was an honorable member of the loyal opposition, has chosen to soil himself not only through sleazy, inappropriate, and unethical behavior, but through the outright embrace of same when called on it.

I sincerely hope that Liberal Avenger has merely come off his medication, and he'll return to sanity after refilling his lithium prescription at Walgreen's.

Since denial failed, and since libelling Patterico (by falsely accusing him of inventing the whole affair) failed, By way of (non)defense, Lib Av has been reduced to flinging Red Herrings about, arguing that Reason Magazine ought to be writing about Iraq rather than a liberal polemicist's abandonment of reason.

It's apparently lost on Lib Av that a lot of people would rather lose a leg to a bullet than lose their honor on a blog.

See, if a soldier dies on a battlefield, some daughter may lose her daddy.

But when someone behaves like Lib Av does on his own blog, then someone may never really have had a daddy to begin with.

Liberal Avenger should apologize to everyone involved, including Patterico and all of his readers, and renounce his behavior.

Carlito cannot show damages, since his own identity is not revealed. But Patrick Frey could consider preparing a defamation/libel suit against Liberal Avenger. Since LA is absolutely without remorse or conscience here, and since his behavior was so beyond the pale, the only reason not to seems to be the hassle factor.

Splash, out


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I've been skimming the Liberal Avenger. On what basis had you considered him to be an honorable member of the loyal opposition?
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